Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playdate and that poor chicken

This morning Carley and Cody came over to play for our normal play date. Jennie and her boys didn't come today (we missed you Jennie, David and Joshua!) so we tried our best to put on a show for Cody. They had a good time and nobody needed to go to the hospital. Victory! Yesterday was a good reminder of how lucky/blessed we are that the kids haven't gotten hurt much and that is by the grace of God. Really. They have me for their mother. It's a miracle no one has broken a bone.
Cody and Joy played together which means they played and were in the same vicinity.
Oh look. A friend.

"Hi I'm Joy. You know that's my toy, right. Good. As long as we're clear."

I made a new recipe last night to celebrate the fact that Charlie was okay since I had technically already bought everything before the fall. Mom has made this a few times and I have eaten it at her house. It's from a cookbook called Mad Hungry. Martha featured the chef on her show I guess-is that right, Mom? Anyway, I included a link to the recipe. It's really tasty and made my house smell like La Madeleine.

We tore that poor chicken to shreds. I made a salad and green beans and that is all--the chicken was so good you don't need much else. I ate some of the chicken for a snack last night and it was even better after soaking in the fridge. Yum. The ingredients are easy to find and with the green beans, (which were free I forgot to mention that) the meal cost about $10.00. Sean's mom brought green beans on Sunday when we ate lunch to celebrate Joy's dedication so that explains where they came from. I didn't find them on the street or anything.

Not sure why I felt the need to clear that up. Sorry. Here's the link:

Mad Hungry Chicken

It was fantastic. And cheap. My favorite combination.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

So I am just reading this and all about Charlie's concussion. Wow, Mary...what a week! I am glad the sweet girl is well and all ready for some candy again!!

PS...Yes, we were at home for the Bathroom nap!!

Carley said...

Love the babies together!! Thanks for the playdate and lunch. :) I'll have to try the chicken!

Emmy said...

Remember the time that Carley brought Cody to meet Joy when they were just newborn, and they didn't like each other at all!!! I remember a lot of screaming.