Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The closet makeover results

Now if you remember we went from this

To this

And since I have the camera out, (on my phone which explains the poor quality,)I thought I'd show you the great denim skirt of '09.

In this picture I was trying to decide between boots and shoes and sent a picture to Emmy. She never got the picture but I went with the shoes. Not that you asked.


Lindsey said...

Skinny Minny! You look great!

Carley said...

Great job on the closets!!!

I love that skirt...and the picture doesn't do it justice....but it does show how much weight you've lost! :) You go girl!!

Miss Mommy said...

You are so skinny!!! Way to go!

Emmy said...

You need to add: "The Great $9.99 Skirt of '09."

Dana said...

OK, totally jealous about the closet thing. The kids all have big closets, better to dump things out in, huh? I don't know how many times I have fixed Sam & Gracie's closet, only to come back the next day & find everything on the floor again! ugh!