Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Closet mayhem

Oh Lord help me. This is what I'm working on today.

If you're in the area give me a call. I'd LOVE to be interrupted. Wish me luck.

Alright, deep breath...I'm going in.

Before I do, in honor of Joy's 8 month birthday, I'm gonna go eat my lunch. Mmmmm. Isn't my new calendar cute? Ty and his Daddy made it at the Home Depot workshop last Saturday. Thanks honey(s)!


Carley said...

I'm a little behind on reading blogs....sorry! On your last post: WOOHOO!! I know how relieved you are with that news! Ty is one special little boy....I saw a drum I want to buy him somedays!

Todays post: you are hilarious!! There's something wrong with me that that sort of thing gets me excited! I haven't read blogs in the last day or two because I've been "spring" cleaning myself...what finds me joy when Jasons out of the country! ha! You should have called....I would have come tackled that closed with you!! ha!! Have fun...can't wait for the after pics!

Anonymous said...

I just finished doing the exact same thing in our house! There is NOTHING better than clean closets! It even makes doing laundry more least the putting away part!

I took pictures of my "afters" to post on the blog, then realized they really are meaningless without the "befores" lol! Good luck!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Closets are the ABSOLUTE Worst!!!! I am cleaning out one space at a time right now and I'm saving all of the closets until last! LOL!! I want some of those closet organization people to come in and just do it for me!

Julie said...

Get it girl...I'm digging that calander with the BIG numbers on it. Such a great thing for kids...and those of on the older side who need things BIG because the eye sight is going :)

Miss Mommy said...

Like Carley, I was behind. Yea for Ty!!! An good job on attempting the closet- I LOVE that kind of stuff, it's just having both kids down that's the tricky part= can't imagine having a 3rd....yikes. ;) I did love the inconspicuous tutu- great closet.

Mary said...

Carley, you, Emily, and Heather need to charge money to come in and organize for people. Joy and I would obviously pay someone else to do it! Jules, I'm sure Jillian's closet is awesomely organized. The only way I got it done (well, still working...) is because Sean is home to deal with the kids!