Friday, December 31, 2010

Down South

Missing this little ranch hand and her brother and especially her daddy

Flashlights=a lifetime of happiness

We've walked around the neighborhood and fed ducks and seen turtles

I love the humidity here. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth but at home it's so dry that only my hair is thriving. Everything else is so dry it hurts. Here the moisture is thick and steamy, just like this Texas girl needs for a winter break.

Henry has lots of trains.

The End.

Daytime view of the duck pond

Charlie: Mom look it's ducks and turtles and a parrot!"
Me: huh
Charlie: yeah mom there's a parrot!
Me: where
Charlie: over there
Me: honey that's a duck
Charlie: well

Sally and Popeye chillin

Graham's fish tank that consumes his living room.

It's pretty cool really but he says it's so time consuming nobody should try it at home. I didn't argue with the fact that I can't handle more animals.

Okay we're off for whatever adventure today holds. Y'all have a happy new year's eve!

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Carley said...

Love that picture of Joy! She's a cutie...Cody had fun playing with her althought I'm not sure she had very much fun. :) Glad you are enjoying your trip!