Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glimpse Into Our Day

Hey guys! 
Ty's post-nap hair
And another angle
Oh yeah it was a good nap
Monumental day in our family--Charlie fed herself something for the first time today! She's 13 months old so she's just a hair behind. Like all of the 6-8 month olds in her Sunday School class, she's so proud of herself. FYI, she is in their class because she's pretty much functioning on their level and she has the sweetest teachers in the whole world. I'll keep her there until she starts making more progress and they kick her out.
This stuff takes a little practice...
But I DID IT BY MYSELF! It's the little things about being a mom that are delighting me ever since finding out about Joy's condition. When I saw Charlie in the rear-view mirror putting an animal cracker in her mouth, I nearly started  crying. Now, this may or may not have to do with the fact that I'm a little sleep-deprived because my little cherub here has been keeping me up for a few hours every night. Want to know why? She learned how to pull up a few days ago and does so in her crib during the night...but she is terrified to let go once she pulls up so she just stands there screaming. Her brother did this exact same thing and it took him two weeks to figure it out. By figure it out I mean learn how to sit himself back down. Two weeks people. I don't have it in me. I'm welcoming any advice--My book that I believe in second to the Bible says I should just leave her there but I'm telling you I've tried. It's a whole new scream that I can't ignore no matter how tired I am. 

P.S. This was BEFORE Charlie's nap. There was no excuse for her hair.


Miss Mommy said...

I laughed lout loud as I read "just a hair behind"- anyway, I do believe you have to leave her there- EAR PLUGS and a loud fan- I kid you not- after re-plugging Luke for 3 hours last night, that's what we did- we checked on him at- wait for it- 6am and he was sound asleep. Sadly, this was at my brother's house and the fan did not drown out the sound of the rats running in the walls behind our bed.

Carley said...

WooHoo I am so excited she fed herself! Love Ty's hair! Glad you had a good day in Denton!