Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on the Girls

I realized in the middle of the night I didn't let you know when our next appt. is. Sean will be able to go with me this week (he was already en route to work last week,) and it is on Tuesday at 1:30. While I don't have a bag packed anymore because I needed the stuff in it I am still mentally preparing myself for the possibility that we will head to Houston on short notice...I think I'm growing faith-wise that I unpacked the bag! 

Update on Charlie--bless her heart. She had been improving so much and then Saturday afternoon at about 2 she started having diarrhea and from then until now (Sunday morning,) she has had about 10 dirty diapers. We've called the on-call nurse and she said it's just a side effect from her antibiotic and to keep giving her Pedialite and try to get her to eat yogurt as well as the pro-biotic meds we have been giving her to minimize the dehydration. And so that's what we are doing. Praying she can stay hydrated...

A funny side-effect to this last month is that Sean has been forgetting things, little things that he NEVER forgets, and it's making me feel much better about myself :) God gives us just what we need sometimes, doesn't He? 

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