Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Road to Recovery

Is paved and leads right into CVS. I picked this bag of goodies up yesterday afternoon and guess what. (WHAT!)
It is working! Thanks to everything in the picture below, (minus the candle and the glucometer that is mine not Charlie's thank God!) Charlie is improving. Sean's mom, "Mimi" came to stay with Ty so Sean and I could both go to the appt. in case the Dr. ordered bloodwork. She got another mega shot of antibiotics and we are giving her breathing treatments, more antibiotics, and motrin at home for the next 10 days. Her lungs sounded better today and she seems more like herself. Praise God for her improvements. Momma was worn out yesterday but after having Sean home, along with two very concerned and loving grandparents in the house overnight, today is a new day. 
See all of that stuff? Only two of the things above are long-term and the rest should be out of our house after 10 days. We were told that to help her heal and keep from getting this sick again it's best to keep her away from sick kids as much as possible and to avoid the church nursery...this is a toughie since it's one of the few places I was brave enough to take them both to regularly on my own but it's to keep her as well as possible. At least for the next month or so, Charlie will listen to Chuck on the radio and that will teach her what she needs to know.

Ha Ha. I'm hoping to enlist a few helpers to watch her so Ty and I can still go to Bible study on Fridays. Sean and I will take turns going to church (two services with 30 minutes in between gives us more than enough time to trade off at home.) We are so glad we moved closer so we can still go and not lose the precious progress Ty has made peeling himself off us to go to his teachers. It was ugly there for a while. Like for the first two years.  

I've been so self-focussed the last few days that I forgot to mention the progress that Kelly's little baby girl has made--What a true testament to the power of prayer! About baby Joy's news from yesterday--after sleeping and relaxing thanks to Nattie pulling the night shift with Charlie, I feel at peace about it again. Reading the updates from Kelly, (who, as a reminder, I do not know in real life,) I am reminded of how our kids are from Him and for Him. It is our job to be there, giving Him the reigns in their lives and then teaching them to do the same. Thank you all so much for praying for both of my girls this week. Our family is so grateful. 


Jenny Seymore said...

What I love the most about reading your daily blogs is that even when there is sadness, fear or another road block that there is still light, hope and constant faith. Though I've not seen you with your little ones, it's by no stretch of the imagination that I know that you are a tremendous gift to them...Joy will be a blessed child! I continue to pray for you all.

Katelyn said...

I dont mind keeping TY on fridays! I would love to help you guys as much as I can!

Katelyn said...

I meant with Charlie!

Carley said...

Hang in are a fabulous momma! It's just too bad everything is hitting at the same time. You are strong and the Lord knows what you can handle! Praying for ya!

ThePoeFam said...

Check my blog...I tagged you!