Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Matchy Matchy and Noah

I took this picture at Nattie and Popeye's house the night before the storm hit. I call the last week and half the storm because it has sure felt like one! Can you tell the kids were watching a video? This is one of the only times they have been close enough to each other to snap a picture. Ty has gotten pretty quick about exiting her presence now that she can move. He looks at us like, "Are you OK with this? She is taking my stuff."
Her hair looks really straight in this picture. See below where she gets the crazy hair...
And this is a matchy matchy picture because we're friends and have very similar taste in maternity clothes. To be honest one day we were together scanning the clearance rack in Mimi maternity and Carley found this shirt in her size. I was so jealous they didn't have mine--That night I found it on their website so I was very happy to report to her that I was copying. She is a good enough friend that she doesn't care :) Can you tell who wears a small and who wears a large? And that, my friend, has nothing to do with us carrying children. 
Did I give a history of who Noah is? Oops. When I worked at Stonebriar (our church,) with the Jr. High girls, I worked with Casey. She has since moved to Oklahoma. Okay it's not exactly Oklahoma but it is pretty darn close--She lives in Denison and we have been wanting to go on a road trip to visit Mr. Noah since he is already 5 weeks old and we had never met him. Yesterday, even though our trusted meteorologists warned against all driving, we took off in the Honda and went for it. The roads were perfectly fine--wet but not icy--so we're glad we went. Noah is just a precious perfect little baby boy. Of the 50 pictures I took, these were the only ones in focus. Can you tell I've thrown in the towel on photography in my family? Too bad Sean and the kids didn't make the trek with us so he could take the pictures. Yeah that'd been really relaxing. It was a girls' day and it was fabulous to focus on something other than myself and the last week for almost a whole day. 
I mean look at him. Precious. He looks like he's praying holding Carley's cross. Cute Cute Cute.
This will be Carley pretty soon! She is so excited about welcoming her little "Bun" in May and she'll be a fantastic Momma. Love you, friend. Thanks for keeping me company yesterday! Casey, I hope you got better pictures than I did! You have a beautiful boy and are doing a great job adjusting to the crazy world of motherhood. 


Carley said...

Cute pics of your kids. I love that Ty doesn't know what to do with Charlie's movement! Too funny!

My hair definately looks like we were rained on all day! :) And my chubby prego face. Fun times!:) You, however, are cute as can be and super photogenic. I had fun visiting Casey and Noah with you! Can't wait for "Bun" and Joy to meet!

Glad the storm is over! :)

Carley said...

By the way, of all the pics your took of Noah I can't believe they didn't turn out good. :) He is precious!!!

Carley said...

Ok...another comment. About being a fantastic mom...I'll be taking notes from you! You are fabulous with your kids and it's fun to see you get more and more excited about #3. We have fun memories ahead.