Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Week Start to Finish

Charlie in the hospital with her Daddy. Every time he tried to hand her off to one of us she lost it--they've been close before but he's become her favorite...fine by me. He's mine too.
Ty finds letters everywhere we go and yells them at me until I say, "Yay Ty." If I don't say it, he says, "Ya Ty," for me. He finally learned X, G, and J this week so he knows the whole alphabet. Thank you, Leap Frog. 
Oh do you love that chunky girl or what? I do. Her legs are so big I'm surprised she can crawl.
But oh look! She can!
And this is how the week pretty much ended--back to her old self at Nattie's house. Praise God she is almost 100 % better. 

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