Friday, January 30, 2009

Ten Things

Ten things I'm loving right now:

1. The banana cream cheesecake I just ate for breakfast thanks to a family friend who is a Cheesecake Factory manager. My favorite is the Key Lime cheesecake but I'm not complaining about what I got! Their cheesecake, any flavor, makes me want to be a better person. 

2. Old Navy clearance where I got 5 shirts for $10 yesterday

3. Not being sick, my children not being sick

4. My mother, who now has the virus because she came to help when the kids were sick

5. The fact that my Bible study leader says to come anyway even when our lesson is not done

6. My first St. Jude baby that I'm praying for since I became a Partner in Hope

7. That my husband added the St. Jude $$ to the budget because I SOB every time I see the infomercial, especially after thinking for a few days that Charlie might be going there

8. Spring Creek barbeque coupons 

9. The new pictures that my man took of my kids--I'll post later today...I'll try

10. The fact that I'm nesting a little so many months in advance when I actually have energy to tackle projects like closets and my desk drawer. Come Lord Jesus come help with that one. 


Carley said...

Loved your top 10! I also love the spring creek coupons and get excited when a new one comes! :) It's the little things in life. Can't wait to see the pics that Sean took. I have been in a nesting mood too...Jason's been laughing at me. I'm proud of you for organizing!! Glad things are much better at your house and you can enjoy the weekend as a happy healthy family!

ThePoeFam said...

That banana cream cheesecake is mine and my husband's FAVORITE! I got him a whole one as his birthday cake one year!!! YUM!!!