Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Starting the day off feeling at peace but let's be honest--a little antsy I told Sean I wanted to go to the mall with the kids to make the morning pass quickly and he agreed. We walked into the mall and right before we hit the playground I spotted Emily a.k.a. Mama Em with her hubby and daughter. Oh happy day! What a great surprise since A) I needed a pick-me-up and B) she lives in Scotland now so the fact that we round the corner in a Plano mall and she's standing there was well, God working it all out. Emily, it was such fun to see you and laugh about how hard being a mom is. :) After seeing--actually meeting R come to think of it--it is confirmed that she is, in fact, a brain surgeon. Or will be one day soon. 

Carley got to our house right on time, (not surprising at all) at noon and we booked it to the appt. Sean dropped me off and I got completely lost on the second floor of the hospital looking for Dr. Brown-Elliot's office. I've been there before-that really doesn't matter at all when we're talking about my sense of direction. It's simply not there. Like wisdom teeth, I was born without it. Yes it's true. Ask my dentist.

Immediately when she started the sonogram Sean made the comment, "I think her heart doesn't look compressed like it did last time." The Dr. agreed, saying that was what she was just about to say. Long long story short, this is great news. Baby is growing obviously and within a week's time it's hard to tell if it looks better because the tumor is actually shrinking or because her body is growing but either way, her heart is not compromised at all right now. We believe that our prayers/your prayers were answered by what we found out today. We believe they will continue to be answered!! We asked a million more questions, got a million more answers. The Dr. said that she talked to the fancy surgeon (my word not hers!) in Houston last week and mentioned our situation to him because she thought after last week we'd be heading his way. She made the comment today that because the tumor had not appeared larger/more intrusive she feels much better about it. In other words, it could have been much worse today and instead everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Oh happy day again!

Thank you more than I can say well or eloquently for praying. We felt great peace today and only felt more peace after the appointment. Our God is truly caring to give us so many friends and family members who love Him and pray for each other's struggles. 

Things are looking up...



Carley said...

What a big praise and huge relief!! We continue to pray for baby Joy every day!

Miss Mommy said...

YEA again! I LOVED seeing y'all, too- what a sweet God we have!