Sunday, January 18, 2009

Too Much Sleep=Boring Post

Sean got home early yesterday from his trip so while I was at the park by our house with the kids he walked down to meet us and I had another, "Am I tearing up because I'm pregnant or because this is just really sweet" moment. Ty ran the length of a football field to greet him--Hallmark card material, even if I'm the only one who would buy it. And maybe our moms. Then once Charlie saw him she crawled over to him and cried every time he tried to put her down until bedtime. Glorious. She couldn't care less when I leave the room once he's home :)

Maybe I was just so relieved he was safe and home with us again. My mom, aka volunteer ABC news correspondent-not really-called me to tell me a plane had gone down in NYC and that it was a US Airways flight (she checks facts before calling me!) the day it I can't recall what day but anyway, the day it happened. I knew it wasn't his flight because A)He works for Delta and B) He left NYC earlier that morning and was on his way to Florida that afternoon. I was still reminded of what could possibly happen to him at work and was glad to talk to him that night. He spent the next two nights in New York on his trip and I couldn't resist the, "Watch out for the geese," comment every time I talked to him. He said most of the passengers were saying the same thing...that and buying them coffee and snacks to thank them for safe travel. I know it makes them feel good to be appreciated! I have hugged more than one pilot in my day, not counting Sean, after a scary flight. Sean, of course, thinks that's hilarious.

Charlie fell while crawling last night and I think there's a good chance she'll have a black eye this morning when I go get her. It was a bad fall--from almost straight up on her knees onto a hard plastic toy, and she hit right under her eye. Ouch. If any of you get a call from CPS, that is what happened. Back me up, will you?

Yesterday my niece had her 8th Birthday party at her house in Flower Mound. It was exactly four years ago that day that I met Sean's entire family--there are A LOT of them (us)--I remember him saying, "My family wants to meet WHOLE family and I understand if you'd rather break it up into parts so it's not overwhelming..." I loved meeting them that day, and there's not a downside at all to how many people there are when we all get together. Unless you're his mom and you're in charge of cooking for holidays. And trying to find enough places for sleeping babies/toddlers. There are a lot of those. When Joy arrives, there will be 22 of us. Immediate family. 

Today after church I've got lunch/movie plans with Jennie and Carley. Fun Fun! Tomorrow I have an appt with my endocrinologist and I think I'll start insulin soon. Fun Fun! That one is not quite as enthusiastic but after the last month's events, diabetes doesn't seem like a big deal to me anymore! You can pray for Wednesday, when I have my next sonogram to look at Joy. We continue to pray that her tumor shrinks and we'd love for you to continue praying with us! 


Anonymous said...

On the CPS note... no worries, I've got your back. In my previous life (AKA, before kiddos) I was a caseworker for CPS in Dallas. That may explain my odd obsession of getting every slightly significant injury of Trevor's captured on film. I've been pre-programmed to always "document" injuries! I'll be praying for you in the days ahead as you head back to the doctors!

ThePoeFam said...

Hi there...Jodi was the one who mentioned you at our Mom's group at Four Corners Church...and Carrie is one of my dearest friends! :) ...But, I am so happy to now have your blog and to be able to check in on you and sweet baby Joy! Know that I'm continuing to pray!!!!

Natalie said...

Mary, I am praying for Joy every day! We know that God can do anything, and I will continue to pray for healing. I'm glad I can keep up with you through your blog!