Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Pics and "Going Together"

Charlie's 9 mo. picture. She's a mini-me (girl) version of Sean. Thanks for the cute bib Jodi!
Carley entertaining David...thought it was Ty in this picture. Oops. They look like each other all of a sudden!
Jennie, David, and Carley. This is one of David's smiles that we can't get enough of. He actually poses for pictures!Sean, Jonathan, and Jason. Can you tell they aren't used to posing together for pictures? Sean goes with me, Jonathan goes with Jennie (and David,) and Jason goes with Carley. 'Cuz we are still in Jr. High and all.


Carley said...

sooo cute! and fun times and memories we have with you guys!! :) looking forward to many many more (and someday a stevenson kid running around too...)

Carley said...

jason just read your blog and laughed out loud! :) going together...hee hee! i fear that as long as we are surrounded by students we'll always act like we're still in JH and HS!

Miss Mommy said...

Great pics- so enjoyed seeing the boys and the Balls' boy! I heard about him from the Mayhalls!